Duplicate Vector in Matrix by Row in R (Example Code)

In this article you’ll learn how to duplicate a vector in a matrix object in the R programming language.

Creation of Example Data

x <- letters[1:8]                  # Constructing an example vector
# [1] "a" "b" "c" "d" "e" "f" "g" "h"

Example: Duplicating a Vector as Rows in a Matrix

my_matrix <- t(replicate(5, x))    # Replicating vector multiple times
#      [,1] [,2] [,3] [,4] [,5] [,6] [,7] [,8]
# [1,] "a"  "b"  "c"  "d"  "e"  "f"  "g"  "h" 
# [2,] "a"  "b"  "c"  "d"  "e"  "f"  "g"  "h" 
# [3,] "a"  "b"  "c"  "d"  "e"  "f"  "g"  "h" 
# [4,] "a"  "b"  "c"  "d"  "e"  "f"  "g"  "h" 
# [5,] "a"  "b"  "c"  "d"  "e"  "f"  "g"  "h"

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