Polygon Plot in R (2 Examples)

This article explains how to draw a polygon plot in the R programming language.

Example 1: Square Polygon

First, we need to draw an empty plot in R:

plot(10, 10,                                      # Create empty plot
     xlim = c(0, 20), ylim = c(0, 20), 
     col = "white",
     xlab = "X", ylab = "Y")

Then, we can specify the coordinates and draw a squared polygon as follows:

polygon(x = c(1, 17, 13, 12),                     # X-Coordinates of square polygon
        y = c(3, 19, 1, 8),                       # Y-Coordinates of square polygon
        col = "#d94800")                          # Color of square polygon

square polygon in r

Example 2: Density Polygon

We can also draw a polygon below a density plot. First, we need to create some example data for the density:

set.seed(12345)                                   # Set seed
x <- rnorm(50)                                    # Draw random normal distribution

Then, we need to draw an empty plot (as in Example 1):

plot(density(x), main = "")                       # Draw density plot

Finally, we can draw our density polygon:

polygon(c(min(density(x)$x), density(x)$x),       # X-Coordinates of density polygon
        c(0, density(x)$y),                       # Y-Coordinates of density polygon
        col = "#d94800")                          # Color of density polygon

density polygon in r

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