na.omit Function in R (Example)

The R code on this page shows how to omit rows containing NA values with the na.omit() function in the R programming language.

Example Data

original_data <- data.frame(x1 = c(NA, 1:3),           # Create example data
                            x2 = c(letters[1:3], NA),
                            x3 = "X")
original_data                                          # Print example data
# x1   x2 x3
# NA    a  X
#  1    b  X
#  2    c  X
#  3 <NA>  X

Example: Apply na.omit Function to Remove Rows with NAs

omitted_data <- na.omit(original_data)                 # Apply listwise deletion
omitted_data                                           # Print updated data
# x1 x2 x3
#  1  b  X
#  2  c  X

After applying the na.omit function, all rows with at least one NA value are removed. This approach is also called listwise deletion.

Handling NA Values in R

The following video shows further examples and functions for the handling of missing data in the R programming language:


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