How to Delete Outlier Values from Vector in R (Example Code)

In this article, I’ll show how to delete outlier values from a data vector in R programming.

Creation of Exemplifying Data

set.seed(98476492)                          # Setting seed
my_data <- round(rnorm(500), 2)             # Drawing random values
my_data[1:3] <- c(10, 15, 20)               # Inserting outliers to data
my_data                                     # Returning data to console
# 10.00 15.00 20.00  0.28 -1.52 -0.57 -1.34 -0.55  0.06 -1.03 -0.85 -0.48  1.45  0.39 ...
boxplot(my_data)                            # Drawing boxplot with outliers

r graph figure 1 delete outlier values from vector

Example: Apply boxplot.stats Function to Delete Outliers

my_data_out_rm <- my_data[! my_data %in%    # Removing outlier values
boxplot(my_data_out_rm)                     # Drawing boxplot without outliers

r graph figure 2 delete outlier values from vector

Note that outlier detection has to be done with care. I therefore strongly recommend to get a good theoretical understanding of outliers before deleting them.

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