Add or Remove Weeks to & from Date in Python (Example Code)

In this Python tutorial, you’ll learn how to add & subtract weeks to/from a date.

Setting up the Example

Before we can start, we have to load the following modules:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta                # Importing modules

The following datetime object below will be used for the examples of this article.

date_x =                               # Creating example data
# 2022-06-10 16:58:14.803875

Example: Remove or Add Certain Number of Days to Date

To add a specific number of weeks to a date, we can use the timedelta function within the weeks parameter:

date_x_weeks_added = date_x + timedelta(weeks = 8)       # Add weeks to datetime object
# 2022-08-03 16:58:14.803875

A datetime object has been created, which returns our example data 8 weeks in the future.

Similar to add weeks to a date, we can also subtract weeks from a datetime object:

date_x_weeks_subtracted = date_x - timedelta(weeks = 8)  # Remove weeks from datetime object
# 2022-04-17 16:58:14.803875

As you can see on the previous python code, we simply have to change the operator from positive to negative.


Matthias Bäuerlen Python Programmer

Note: This article was created in collaboration with Matthias Bäuerlen. Matthias is a programmer who helps to create tutorials on the Python programming language. You might find more info about Matthias and his other articles on his profile page.

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