R How to Divide Character String into Pieces (Example Code)

This page explains how to cut a character string into multiple pieces in R.

Creation of Example Data

x <- paste(letters, collapse = "")                 # Character string in R
x                                                  # Display character string in RStudio
# [1] "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

Example: Apply strsplit Function to Chop Character String into Even Sized Groups

n <- 3                                             # Specifying number of characters per chunk
strsplit(gsub(paste0("([[:alnum:]]{", n, "})"),    # Applying strsplit function
              "\1 ", x), " ")[[1]]
# [1] "abc" "def" "ghi" "jkl" "mno" "pqr" "stu" "vwx" "yz"

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