R Adding & Subtracting Months & Years from Date (2 Examples)

In this R tutorial you’ll learn how to add and subtract months or years from a Date object.

Example Data

x <- as.Date("2025-01-01")        # Create example date
x                                 # Print date object
# [1] "2025-01-01"

Example 1: How to Add & Subtract Months from a Date in R

install.packages("lubridate")     # Install lubridate package
library("lubridate")              # Load lubridate package
x %m+% months(5)                  # Adding five months
# [1] "2025-06-01"
x %m-% months(5)                  # Subtracting five months
# [1] "2024-08-01"

Example 2: How to Add & Subtract Years from a Date in R

x %m+% years(1)                   # Adding one year
# [1] "2026-01-01"
x %m-% years(1)                   # Subtracting one years
# [1] "2024-01-01"

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