Eliminate Diagonal from corrplot Correlation Matrix Plot in R (Example Code)

In this R tutorial you’ll learn how to delete the diagonal from a correlation matrix graphic.

Creation of Example Data

data(iris)                       # Load example data
iris_cor <- cor(iris[ , 1:4])    # Prepare example data
iris_cor                         # Display correlation matrix
#              Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width
# Sepal.Length    1.0000000  -0.1175698    0.8717538   0.8179411
# Sepal.Width    -0.1175698   1.0000000   -0.4284401  -0.3661259
# Petal.Length    0.8717538  -0.4284401    1.0000000   0.9628654
# Petal.Width     0.8179411  -0.3661259    0.9628654   1.0000000

Example: Removing the Diagonal from a Correlation Matrix Graphic

install.packages("corrplot")     # Install corrplot package
library("corrplot")              # Load corrplot
corrplot(iris_cor,               # Correlation matrix plot without diagonal
         diag = FALSE)

r graph figure 1 eliminate diagonal from corrplot correlation matrix r

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