Convert Vector of Years to Date Object in R (Example Code)

This tutorial demonstrates how to transform a vector of years to a Date object in the R programming language.

Construction of Example Data

x <- seq(2022, 2028)          # Construct example vector
x                             # Print example years
# [1] 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028

Example: Converting Four Digit Year to Date Object

install.packages("lubridate") # Install & load lubridate package
ymd(x, truncated = 2L)        # Applying ymd function
# [1] "2022-01-01" "2023-01-01" "2024-01-01" "2025-01-01" "2026-01-01" "2027-01-01" "2028-01-01"

Further Resources

Here, you can find some additional resources on topics such as factors, data conversion, and dates.

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